Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Second Grade Curriculum 2014

We chose an all-in-one curriculum from Timberdoodle this year. Violet is in second grade and is 7 years old. Timberdoodle has chosen their favorite books for each subject from all different companies to make a ready to use kit for each grade. You should visit their site, so many awesome educational toys! 

We had to add in our own Science and History. I chose Story of the World: Ancient Times. We have the chapter book and workbook. 

For History we are using Apologia: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day. There is a workbook that can go with this but Violet is journaling along with the chapters for now. 

I ordered Story of the World and the Apologia book through Rainbow Resource. They have a nice selection of learning material. That is also where I found that nifty MagnaTab for Zander. (He loves it!) 

We are a month into the new school year. I like how Timberdoodle encourages your child to learn independently. Violet's favorites are A Reason For Handwriting (lessons include Bible verses), Daily Geography and Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day. The boys also love to browse her Science book. Story of the World is a nice textbook as well. We read one chapter at a time and it keeps her attention. She also enjoys the coloring worksheets and maps in the workbook. Some cons for Timberdoodle. I'm not crazy about having 3 math related books to teach from. Some days we only choose worksheets from one book. The books are Building Thinking Skills, Jump At Home and Mathematical Reasoning C.  

I think I'll do an update on her curriculum close to Christmas. 

Back To School Pictures

It's that time again!

We started our third year of homeschool a month ago.Violet is a second grader. Zander is doing preschool activities when he is up for it. He'd much rather be playing with Hot Wheels or outside. And Asher spends a lot of time exploring and climbing. 

We took school pics in front of our chalkboard wall in the hallway. The kiddos had fun telling me their favorite things. 

We are excited for the new school year! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Goodbye First Grade

First Grade Was Fantastic!

We are preparing for our third year of homeschooling. Violet will be a Second Grader! I have a few more supplies to buy & things to organize before we start. We are excited!

We used My Father's World for our first grade curriculum. This was our second year to use this company. I first discovered them at a homeschool book fair back when I was researching what to do for kindergarten. Their easy to follow lesson plans & biblical approach was appealing to me. I also liked that it's an all-in-one curriculum. 

Violet also went to a christian co-op once a week. I would drop her off at 9 and pick up at 2:20. That was a lot of fun for her. Her favorite part was lunch & recess! They also had a lot of holiday parties & themed dress up days. 

First Grade was a little more challenging since our youngest learned to walk this year. That brings up another thing I need to get ready.....busy bags. I've been looking up ideas on Pinterest to keep Asher & Zander entertained during school. I picked up a few workbooks for Zander this year. He's starting to be interested in schoolwork. Some days Zander would join in & listen while Violet did her work. That was nice! 

I'm proud of our girl! Homeschool brings a lot of joy to our family.

Violet, Fall 2013

Violet, May 2014

End Of The Year Questions for Violet

  1. I love learning about....Butterflies, Plants & Turtles.
  2. What's your favorite lunch? Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich.
  3. What was your favorite book you read? A Perfect Time For Pandas (Magic Treehouse)
  4. What are you good at? Drawing and Singing.
  5. What's your favorite show? My Little Pony.
  6. What do you want to be when you grow up? A Kid Doctor.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mama, Let's Snuggle

Zander is our wild child. 
Most days in our home you will hear a lot of this...

"stop pulling Asher's ears" 
"get off the kitchen counters" 
"Bring back Daddy's keys" 
"stop scratching Violet"
"where are your clothes?!" 
"Don't color the walls"

But then he has these moments where he just melts me. Today he smiled big & said, "let's snuggle Mama." So, we laid down for a few minutes together. I told him he's such a good boy & I liked seeing him act so kind. Then he kissed both of my cheeks like he usually does. 

I'll never say no to snuggle time with my cute babies! 

Asher's Eczema Update

The left was the day we visited the allergist. 
On the right was 4 weeks later.

 These pictures are about 8 weeks since his first Allergist visit. Doesn't he look amazing?! 

I would cry & pray for his skin not to hurt. It was so hard not knowing what was causing his skin to flare up into hives. He was always itchy. We followed the doctor's orders & used hydrocortisone on his face & steroid cream on his legs for about a week. By then he looked drastically better. Also, removing the foods that he was highly sensitive to greatly helped. He's allergic to dairy, eggs & peanuts. Now we know why he had such a bad flare up while I was on Whole30. I was eating eggs daily. Side note, the Allergist mentioned more than once that there is no way to know how much of what I'm eating is getting through my milk to effect him. The allergist kept saying this might just be how his skin is. But I think these results show that what mom eats effects baby! I mean, Asher was never eating eggs and his face still broke out. I am truly grateful for the doctor's help. So relieved that we know what foods to avoid & Asher will most likely outgrow these allergies. 

Now we take care of his skin through diet & I moisturize his skin at least twice a day. I don't like using steroid cream on him. It's been weeks since we've used it. I've been using Vanicream the past 2 months. It comes in a 1 pound tub & is affordable. I also give him detox baths with epsom salts & essential oils a couple times a week. 

At his 1 month check up to the Allergist, they said, "he looks like a completely different kid!" That made me feel good. For months I had been stressing over what was causing his eczema. Also, changing the way I eat has been hard too. But it was all worth it to help my boy! Asher still has very sensitive skin. There are spots on his legs that still get dry. Just recently he tried a sesame cracker and he got hives right away. I'm seeing this is a learn as you go thing. For now I'm doing my best & praying God will guide me to make good decisions.